Lola James Harper

Lola James Harper is a Holistic Art and Life-Style project that gathers 20 years of encounters and creation… in 2013 Colette was the first one to show Lola James Harper world with concerts, photos expo and fragrances…
Traveling the world, recording and sharing music, playing basketball, taking pictures, catching fragrance of inspiring places and gathering life mind-sets…

This is Lola James Harper way of life…


” Fragrances of places we love …”
  • The First Morning of Spring , Paris – geur van rozen & kardemom
  • The Surf Shop – geur van tuberose & monoi
  • Rue Saint Honoré air, Paris – geur van vijgenboom
  • The Comic Store, New York – geur van populierenhout & kruiden
  • The Promenade in Vincennes Wood, France – geur van lelie, groene thee & hout
  • The Music Studio, Paris – geur van kasjmierhout & muskus

Room interior Spray – 50ml – 40€

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